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Aground Update 1.8.6 - Unnature Sanctuary and More!

Posted by davidmaletz - October 25th, 2019

The first of the backer planets is out, along with a bunch of “quality of life” improvements to the game! The new planet is called Unnature Sanctuary, and is now reachable in the star navigator. It’s an optional side-quest planet, but check it out!


In other news, we recently added Minigames to the research lab, and Chase (our composer) released the official Aground Soundtrack!


For Mac Players: You may have heard about the new app requirements for Catalina. The good news is that Aground is already 64-bit, so the game will run. The bad news is that it is not notarized, and I will not notarize it given the complexity of the process for every update and requirement of an apple developer ID which has a yearly fee. From what I have heard, this means that you may have to go through an additional step to bypass gatekeeper. Hopefully this doesn’t cause too much trouble, and I’ll continue to update the game on Mac as usual.

In addition to the new planet, the following changes affect the full version:

  • Some vehicles can now move and attack at the same time.
  • Drone control can now be used while riding the mobile lab.
  • Talon Copse can now modify most equipment.
  • Cables and rails can now be placed on the same tile.
  • Added a mini planet - Mercury. This is the last solar system planet that I plan to add before the full launch (gas giants have nowhere to land, and Venus is very dangerous).

These changes affect the demo as well:

  • The starting quests now let you place the structures where you want to, and give you a blueprint for them when complete so you can re-arrange your base.
  • Most vehicles and bots can now be packed up and deployed.
  • Docks can now summon nearby boats.
  • Trader will ship items from one island to another for a fee (pre bombardment/endings).
  • Dragons can now land on water and never die by running out of fuel now.
  • Mouse buttons can now be set in controls - this allows you to attack by clicking (but clicking on a GUI element will interact with it as normal).
  • Surgery lab can now install vanity equipment.
  • Crops can now be re-arranged in farms.
  • Chests can be given labels.
  • Hotkeys are now sensitive to parameters/modifiers.

This is about half of the quality of life updates planned for the game, and half of the backer planets - so look forward to the other half by the end of November!

Enjoy, and as always, don’t be shy if you have any questions or feedback - we are always happy to hear from our players. And don’t forget to join the social channels below if you haven’t already:






Comments (4)

I assume that there is much more content in the game and more quests than in the initial version? Maybe it would be possible to expand the amount of medals as well?

There are more achievements in the demo now than there are medals, but there's a limit to how many medals I can add so I think it's okay as is. The game has definitely expanded quite a lot - demo now is about 2x the length of the original version, and the full version is about 4x the length of the current demo.

@HerbieG @davidmaletz I spoke to Tom, he should already have PMed you. You will be granted with enlarged amount of medal points :-)

Nice - the limit has been removed, and I added the new achievements to the game!

@davidmaletz Cool! By the way, does your game support re-sending achievements and save exporting?

It'll re-send achievements every time you reload the game, and you can export/import saves using the options menu on the title page.

@davidmaletz I forgot how addicting this game is ;-) By the way: you got one bug - if you pick any type of food while on the sea it does not stay in your inventory. I picked some bread and fich and none of them were on me when I landed. Your game also has a disconnection problem: if you play it longer the medals are not being unlocked.

When you collect items while sailing the boat, they go into the boat's inventory. Hit the inventory key (v by default) while riding the boat and you should see them. It's also possible you automatically ate them to restore stamina when sailing (you'll see a notification at the bottom if this happens unless you disabled those notifications).

For medals, it re-submits the medals every time the game reloads, so even if there are connection issues (which I can't really control), it'll eventually get them.