Aground Update 1.0.5 & 1.0.6

2017-11-17 16:56:37 by davidmaletz

I have uploaded two smaller updates to Aground since my last post - 1.0.5 and 1.0.6.

1.0.5 included several features that I wanted to add to 1.0.4 but didn't have time for, like fishing and fertilizer. It also added more hotkeys, and sticky items to keep items in your inventory when hitting move all.


1.0.6 included per-pixel movement (you can now stop between tiles) and a bunch of improvements to combat. Already, there is now weapon range (thanks to the per pixel movement) and some cool tricks you can do with that, and weapon attack speed could also become a factor in the future. I also changed how equipment works so it doesn't confuse people, and added a dedicated attack key (set to C for now, but you can change it in the controls if you like).

This makes the gameplay a lot smoother, and is a big step towards the next update which will include new content and bosses (which will be bigger than a single tile, making the per pixel movement more valuable).

I hope you enjoy, and are looking forward to the next update!


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2017-11-23 03:25:25

I love this game! I showed it to all of my friends! We love it! please make the next update pleaaase!!!

davidmaletz responds:

Working on it :)